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Plantation Shutters

For the traditional elegance of our interior custom Plantation Shutters, there is no better choice than the Blinds N More collection. The BlindsNmore collection is available in any color. The classic beauty of our finely crafted wood shutters will bring years of pleasure, and satisfaction to even the most discriminating client.

Artfully crafted & built to last professional craftsmen make our beautiful plantation shutters from furniture grade hardwood and finish them in multiple step process. Each shutter undergoes a rigorous 38 point quality control inspection. It is our belief that our dedication to innovation in products and process set us apart any other shutter company on the planet

Different types of shutters

While it may seem overwhelming, there are really only four types of interior shutters throughout the industry. Hollow Vinyl, Composite, Solid PVC, Wooden, Blinds N More proudly features 100% furniture grade hardwood shutters along with Solid PVC shutters. We feel these are the best quality, best engineered shutters in the world.

Painted or Stain Wooden Plantation Shutters

Made from North America Basswood hard wood. Larger, lighter, wider panels with less stress on hedge fatigue gives advantage of more light and a much better view. Basswood has a lower VOC (volatile organic compounds impact on indoor air Quality) than vinyl shutters. Basswood is a fast growing resistant to warping and more structurally sound. Available at Blinds N More.

Solid PVC Plantation Shutter

Made from Polyvinyl Chloride and fillers such as wood floor and air (cellular or celluka) to give it strength, which makes it more durable than hollow vinyl. Product is heavy and can’t be used in high heat areas or in hot climates where the home may be vacant during hot months. Available at Blinds N More.

Composite Shutters

Made from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). Made from left over saw dust at the saw mill once considered trash. MDF swells and breaks when saturated with water and shrink in dry environments. Not nearly as strong as solid wood. If not sealed it may warp or expand breaking it seams. MDF also may release formaldehyde into the room that can cause eye and lung irritation  We Do Not Carry.

Hollow Vinyl Shutter

Made from PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) usually extruded From exterior vinyl siding material. Also has limited times it can be adjusted. This product is limited in shape and size configuration. It has a distinct plastic look and custom shapes are not available. We Do Not Carry.



The most popular louver sizes are 2 ½″, 3 ½″, and 4 ½″ louvers. BlindsNmore provides all of these plus a 1 ¼″ louver for the true retro enthusiasts. Remember, the larger the louver, the better the view.

Blinds N More is pleased to provide wooden and PVC shutters to cover windows up to 36″ wide using a single shutter panel. Many companies offer shutters that will not cover windows at this width using a single panel.

The most popular trend is to use the fewest panels per window possible. We will also cover windows up to 74″ tall without adding the divider rail option for all hardwood shutters.


A mouse hole on the rail above and below each louver section allows the louvers to be rotated either upward or downward. Our shutters come standard with one mouse hole on the top rail, and close in the “UP” position.

You must choose a double mouse hole at the time of order. Mouse hole in top rail only will not close completely in the down position.

Please note that all arch top shutters will only close in the up position. Attempting to close the arched louvers in the down position will cause non-warranty damage to the top louver, or louver pin



Tip: The traditional tilt rod is the classic look of a shutter and, to many customers, it is what a shutter should look like. However, the hidden rod is one less line in the window.

Today, new windows or replacement windows have the window grids (muntins) in between the glass that you can not take out anymore like the old wooden ones.Therefore, the tilt-rod does not always line up with those grids and creates busy lines in the window. A hidden rod or off-set rod may be less cluttered and more pleasing to the eye.


Blinds N More offers a variety of frame selections that are designed to work beautifully with all types of windows and window openings.

Many Plantation shutters can install or mount inside the window opening using any of our hang strip, Z-frames or L-frames. For windows that have obstructions, or function by tilting in, we recommend any of our Deco Frames or any of our L-frames mounted around (outside) of the window opening.

OUTSIDE MOUNTS are VERY POPULAR for many reasons. Newer windows tilt in for cleaning and removing screens. If you mount inside the window with a frame it will block this feature. The window will hit the back of the frame not allowing it to fully open for cleaning or for screen removable. If you have trim around your windows already. We don’t need to cover it up. We can simply add to it and make it even more ornate and dimensional.

INSIDE MOUNTS– Z-FRAMES that add to the trim are used on windows that have limited casing depth. This frame keeps part of shutter inside without showing the hinge hardware. FLUSH MOUNT with hang strips hidden behind the shutter panel are perfect for rooms where extra space is needed to keep protruding louvers from hitting furniture. This is perfect for smaller rooms making these rooms seem larger.

All our custom plantation shutters are finished with environmentally friendly coatings. No lacquers, oils, or other harmful VOC emitting coatings are used to ensure that you have the safest product available in your home.


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