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Cellular, Pleat, and Shear Shades

Cellular Shades


Cellular Shades sometimes called honey comb shades are a stylish way to boost the energy efficiency of your home. With soft, luxurious fabrics folded into honeycomb-shaped cells, these exceptional shades form an attractive barrier that insulates windows and helps regulate the temperature inside, whether the goal is to keep cold out during the winter or keep heat out during the summer. And because cellular shades conserve energy, they help lower monthly bills.

Options Available:

  • Top Down/ Bottom Up, Want that privacy but still see some sky? This option allows you to pull the shade down from top. You can place the shade just where the sun is or where you want privacy.
  • Sun Up/ Sun down, Two Shades in one. This shade gives you perfect light control. With a light filter on top and room darkening on bottom you can control just how dark or light you want your room.
  • Perfect View, Two Shades in one. This shade has a shear pleat shade on top to protect your room from harmful UV rays giving you a clear view and bottom shade can be either light filter or room darkening.

Different options arches-bottom up/top down-perfect view

For control of your shade options available:

  • Cord control with a breakaway reducer to protect children
  • Cordless with all cords inside the shade, recommended for small children rooms.
  • Lift and Lock a cordless shade with cords inside shade and can be locked in place. No more riding up the window. This shade is certified for children
  • Motorizing Shades , we carry three types RF, Z wave and Rechargeable Wand Control. What ever your smart system is we have a bridge or shade for that.

Honey Comb Shade Control Options

Child certified cellular cordless lift and lock.

Child certified lift & lockCellular Cordless Lift & Lock

Outfitted with the same benefits on a grander scale, Graber Slide-Vue™ Cellular Shades are specially designed to accompany larger windows and patio doors.

Cellular Vertical Shade




Pleat Shades

Graber Pleated Shades add depth and structure to traditional shades through evenly spaced, crisp folds of fabric. Available in many stunning textiles, from sheer and light-filtering to opaque, tailor these shades to your preference for privacy and light control.

EvenPleat® Pleated Shades feature a back-ladder support, guaranteed to keep pleats evenly spaced and prevent sagging. For the same great style without the back-ladder design, FashionPleat® Pleated Shades are a more economical option. Both styles are available with 1″ or 2″ pleats, appropriate for windows of distinctly different scales.

Want to control your window treatments with the touch of a button or put schedule? Discover how we raise the bar (and the shade) with somfy motorize systems


Shear Shades

Overture Sheer Shades are the next iteration of window treatments. Two layers of sheer fabric protect your furniture, flooring, and artwork from damaging UV rays; the supple, lightweight fabric vanes overlap when closed to diffuse the light or block it more completely. Best of all, these shades are woven as one continuous piece of fabric—there are no seams, stitches, or adhesives to mar the look and feel.

Our vane sizes offer a variety of views, and there are no visible internal lift cords or ladders to distract the eye. When fully raised, the shades disappear completely into an elegant fabric-wrapped cassette valance. By melding gorgeous fabrics and state-of-the-art construction with versatile functionality, Overture Sheer Shades give a virtuoso performance.


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